Compassionate Release of Super

How to Apply for Compassionate Release of Your Super

You can get a compassionate release of your super when you meet the requirements for eligibility. If you need funding for dental work, IVF treatment, weight loss surgery or other specialist care, then you can apply for early access to your super based on compassionate grounds. Our friendly and dedicated staff will efficiently handle the paperwork needed for your application process.

Areas Covered by Compassionate Grounds Release of Your Super

You can apply for your super based on compassionate grounds to help with:

  • Medical treatment that is not covered by the public health system: If you need medical treatment that is not readily available through the public health system, then you can apply to access your super early. Your condition must be life-threatening, generate chronic pain or mental illness. Such treatments may include reconstructive surgery such as breast reduction, removal of implants, post weight loss surgery or dental care.
  • Expenses for a vehicle or home modification due to a disability: The changes can be for yourself or a dependant with a disability. Considerations for early release of your super in this area include payments needed to modify your home or vehicle or purchasing a modified car or disability aids. You can also seek early access to your funds for palliative care such as hospice accommodation costs.
  • Covering the cost of a funeral: Your super can help to cover the cost of a memorial or funeral service for a loved one. While the funds cannot be used for venue hire or catering, your super can help to ease the burden of paying for a casket and cemetery fees.

Our friendly staff can help you determine if your circumstances make you eligible for early access to your super.

Benefits of Using Access My Super for Early Release of Super on Compassionate Grounds

We make your application process stress-free and easy.

  • Our application approval rate is 100% successful: If you meet the criteria for getting your super fund early then we will help get your application approved. Our service is competitively priced, and you only pay a policy fee after the approval of early access to your super.
  • We ensure documentation is accurate: Our staff are highly experienced and will ensure that your application contains the correct documentation needed for a successful outcome. We provide cooperative support and are with you every step of the application process.
  • Our team are friendly and dedicated: We employ a team of professionals who have experience in the areas related to Australian superannuation and taxation. We provide a quality service that is simple and straight-forward.

Why Trust Access My Super?

We are dedicated to helping ease the stress and hassle of applying for early release of your super to cover the cost of medical treatments. Our services are available at competitive prices Australia wide, and we have a 100% application approval rate. Our team of consultants are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Contact us today for more information or to start the process for early release of your super.