AMS acknowledges that if they are unable to get approval, i.e., the application is rejected, then a 100% refund will apply.

We note our fee is still payable in full if the application is partially approved. ATO assessor’s decisions are outside AMS’s control especially in relation to travel and accommodation costs and funding for dependants. AMS will however do everything in their power to ensure that the application is approved in full.

Should your application be held up by the ATO and rejected due to a concern that is outside the required criteria for approval (e.g., prior application dealing and non-compliance) your refund entitlement will be void.

In the event that this agreement is terminated by the client prior to completion of the services but where the services have been partially performed, AMS will be entitled to 80% of the total fees, provided that there has been no breach of service on the part of AMS.

This also applies to situations where AMS has completed your supporting documentation, but your treating practitioner refuses to sign or support the applications. AMS always emphasises the importance of making sure that you speak to your treating practitioner to ensure that they will support your application prior to commencement. AMS is also happy to refer you to medical practitioners that we work with that will be happy to support your application.