How Do I Access My Super?

Let Us Answer the Question “How Do I Access My Super?”

Do you find yourself wondering, “How do I access my super?”. Let the professionals at Access My Super help. We work with you so that you can use your funds to pay for critical aspects of your life, including medical treatments or emergency expenses.

Key Questions to Ask Access My Super Including “Can I Access My Super?”

We are here to answer more questions than just “Can I access my super?”. Other concerns that we regularly field include:

  • Can my super be used for medical expenses? Tapping into a super is commonly done when you need help paying for medical treatment such as reconstructive surgery, IVF or weight loss surgery. Covering the expenses associated with death is also another reason why people need access to their super sooner.
  • Am I able to access my super for home modifications? Many factors are considered when allowing this as a reason to withdraw from your super early. Generally, appropriate circumstances for this type of transaction revolve around needing extra money to help renovate a home to accommodate a disability, whether it be your own or your spouse’s.
  • Will I be taxed for pulling from my super early? Early release of your super is considered a taxable event. However, if your situation falls into the category of financial hardship or compassionate grounds, the maximum amount of 20% in taxes will be levied.

What You Should Know About Superannuation Contributions

We believe that our clients should be informed about important details regarding their superannuation contributions. Here are some key points that you should know:

  • Your superannuation is movable if you change jobs: Many clients mistakenly believe that a super cannot follow them if they begin work in a different position. To avoid multiple funds, we suggest that you alert your new employer to the fact that you have an existing super so contributions can be made to one account.
  • Australian restrictions: If you decide to take a job and move overseas with a non-Australian company, contributions to your super will cease unless you opt to pay into the fund independently. You can still access the super early, however, under specific situations.
  • Assign beneficiaries: It’s essential that you dictate how you want your super contributions distributed after you die. Remaining funds in a super are not considered part of your estate; therefore, to avoid any delays in probate, it is helpful to name beneficiaries to the fund.

Why You Should Work with Access My Super

The team at Access My Super is dedicated to helping you pull money out of your superannuation when you need it. We take a compassionate approach with all our clients and understand that events arise that force you to access your fund prematurely. Our friendly customer service team takes the time to review critical information with you to ensure that the process is simple and stress-free. Our team boasts a 100% guarantee with competitive fees for our work.

For more information, contact us and a member of our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.