At Heidelberg Weight Loss Surgery they focuses on all causative aspects of obesity – physical, behavioural, psychological, dietary and emotional state. Learn more about Heidelberg Weight Loss Surgery

Fully integrated team

Multidisciplinary team specialising in laparoscopic and robotic weight loss surgery including gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass.

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    Commitment to performing the best operation possible
    Surgeons at Heidelberg Weight Loss Surgery specialises in bariatric, upper gastrointestinal, general surgery and endoscopy procedures to help their patients take control of their obesity and achieve the best possible results.
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    Personalised treatment and care
    The Hederbelrg Weight Loss Surgery team will determine what is the right treatment for you. In addition, their dietitians and psychologist can be of great assistance in providing support for you.
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    Various procedures offered
    Surgeons at Heidelberg Weight Loss Surgery are well-experienced in performing bariatric surgeries. Their multidisciplinary team are also specialised in performing various  general/upper GI surgeries.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the Early Release of Super for medical treatments?

All Australian (and NZ residents) citizens can apply for the early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds to help cover the cost of medical treatments.

Can I use my partner’s super for my IVF treatment?

Yes, you can use your partner’s super to fund your IVF treatment.

I am a single person wanting to undergo IVF treatment, is it possible to access my super for my IVF treatment in this situation?

Yes, you can apply for early release of super as a single person wanting to undergo IVF treatment.

Are there any limitations on the amount of super I can withdraw?

No, there are no limitations on the amount of super you can withdraw. You are eligible to withdraw the amount required for your treatment as little or as big it may be.

How long does the application process take?

It usually takes fourteen (14) days to get your Letter of Approval. We keep you up to date throughout the entire application process.